Friday, May 21, 2010

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation Season Finale Trailer

CSI finale will be a heart pounding episode as Dr. Ray Langston and Co. will face off with the elusive "Dr. Jeckyl" with the help (of sorts) from Dr. Langston old acquiantance: serial killer Nathan Haskell.

NCIS: Los Angeles Season Finale Trailer

NCIS: Los Angeles will cap-off their maiden season with a final episode that will answer the most controversial question of the season "Who is G.Callen" find out next week.

NCIS Season 7 Finale Trailer

Next week will be the final episodes of most the TV series on CBS so to give you readers a heads up I am posting the trailer of the NCIS season finale entitled "Rule Fifty-One" find out what this rule is by tuning in next week.

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