Tuesday, September 27, 2011

My Impression on Ted Danson's debut on CSI

My impression on Ted Danson's character D.B. Russell is a bit loose and lighthearted person yet has good balance of investigating skills comparable to CSI New York's Mac Taylor. Although he is still adjusting to his new team, it has shown that he can get along with other members of the team while maintaining authority over team (like treating all members of the team for breakfast is one).

As a long time CSI follower, Danson's character might be the best person to lead the Las Vegas graveyard shift since Gil Grissom (Dr. Raymund Langston may have some of the scientific skills similar to Grissom's yet his character has dark side to which "alienate" some of the show's fans).

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Criminal Minds: Core members are back

I am glad the that producers of Criminal Minds has decided to bringing back the whole cast to the delight of the most fans as Season 7 has started. The premiere episode of new season is considered a closure to last season's finale on which lead to people thinking that Paget Brewster will be leaving the show permanently while A.J. Cook will be coming back to reprise her role as agent Jennifer "JJ" Jarreu- but I assume with this development, it might be better for the show to keep the core cast intact for now.

For those who are wondering what would happen with Agent Ashley Seaver (played by Rachel Nichols), According to Wikipedia, Nichols's contract was not included for season seven, and her character departed the show off-screen. It was mentioned during the episode that he was being transferred into another unit within the FBI.

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