Saturday, April 2, 2011

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour Review

Criminal Minds: Suspect Behaviour is CBS's new spinoff of one of their hit TV series Criminal Minds. The new series is almost similar to the main show but this time the group is more of a "rapid response team" called Red Cell and they are reporting directly to the director of FBI. What makes this group differ from the parent series is that they are quick to create profiles and are more direct-to-the-point. This unit is lead by Agent Sam Cooper (played by Forrest Whitaker) his colleagues are Agent Beth Griffin (played by Janeane Garofalo), Agent Jonathan "Prophet" Simms (Michael Kelly), Agent Gina LaSalle (Beau Garrett), Agent Mick Rawson (Matt Ryan) and Tech assistant Penelope Garcia (which is still played by Kirsten Vangsness) rounds up the group. This show is broadcasted right after Criminal Minds


sarah said...

I love that they came out with a different version of "Criminal Minds". Forest Whitaker is perfect for the job because he is an amazing actor and for them to have the very talent Kirsten Vangsness is a plus. I think Kirsten Vangsness is excellent in "Criminal Minds" I know she does wonders in "Criminal Minds: Suspect Behavior". I have not seen this show but I’m told by many co-workers that it is an amazing show to see and in HD. I do have HD free for life with DISH so I'm sure it is clear. I can't wait to catch up and like the show. I sure do hope it is as good as the original "Criminal Minds".

Anonymous said...

I Watch Criminal Minds Episodes online for free. The storyline of this show is well written. Cast is also very talented. Each and every episode has created amazingly.

zen power said...

Wonderful review sharing. I have seen this show. Beginning of the show is so awesome. The plot and the cast is also amazingly great. Criminal Minds is just smart show for smart people.

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