Thursday, March 17, 2011

Emily Prentiss does a "Horatio Caine"

Criminal Mind's Season finale has thrown a "Horatio Caine" scenario as Emily Prentiss faked her own death so that she can go after the Ian Doyle with the help of former BAU colleague Jennifer "JJ" Jarreu. Initially we thought that Paget Brewster will also be "cross-out" because of her death to find out there's a "mind game" that is being played to catch Ian Doyle in the end. The finally is basically a cliffhanger that will setup a final showdown between Prentiss and Doyle. I really approciated that the producers decided to guest A.J. Cook on the show. Personally, I would really hope that the show's producers would decide to bring JJ back into the show.

Any idea of Paget Brewster leaving the show is deemed "premature" in my opinion.