Wednesday, November 9, 2011

NCIS Episode 7: Devil's Triangle

It's been a long time since I posted an update on this very blog and I apologize for long delay because of the busy schedule I had right now but rest assure an update will be posted weekly when I can.

NCIS Episode 7 is entitled the "Devil's Triangle" as it involves Jethro Gibb's AND FBI Agent Tobias Fornell's ex-wife Diane who is now married to Victor Sterling who works for Homeland Security who went missing. Since both of her ex's where working for law enforcement agencies so she decided to approach them both first.

This is the second time that the show featured one of the Gibb's ex-wives (the first ex-wife to appear would be Gibbs' fourth and final marriage was to Stephanie Flynn on Season 5 episode 3 entitled "Ex-File"). This episode is quite hilarious because of the tension between the Diane and her ex-husbands. The case when the team was able to find Victor Sterling which was held captive by the suspects.