Thursday, September 30, 2010

Farewell Jennifer Jarreu

Criminal Minds episode 3 was basically a sad episode to watch not because their current case was not solve (it was solved), it's because it's the last episode we will see AJ Cook on the show (making her the 3rd major casting chance after Mandy Patinkin and Lola Glaudini left the show). I am a bit relieved that AJ Cook's character has a chance that she can comeback in the future as her character was just "ordered" to transfer her services to another branch of government to which Hotchner (even Erin Strauss) has no control of the situation. 

Well at least her character was not killed off.

Peter Cambor is slowly leaving NCIS:LA?

I have notice from the last two episodes now that Nate Getz (played by Peter Cambor) is doing some secret trainings with Heddy's permission. And on episode 3, Nate decided to go overseas (to an assumed Middle Eastern country) on a special assignment to which we can expect on the upcoming episodes. 

However there are no report of Cambor really leaving the show...Yet. My speculation is that they might add Mike Renko back (played by Brian Avers) as a permanent cast to add more "action" to the show or it's a possible storyline surrounding Nate Getz. 

The sight of having another main cast leaving the show might give the fans a very depressing mood since not all has gone over the loss of agent Dominic Vale (played by Adam Jamal Craig).  

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Criminal Minds Season 6 episode 1

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The conclusion to the last season's cliffhanger is basically a typical episode of any Criminal Minds episode but there's somewhat a slight preview of this to come for this TV show. If you haven't read my previous post, AJ Cook (on which she plays FBI Agent Jennifer (JJ) Jarreau) will be leaving the series and the upcoming episode will be her final episode in a sort of tribute to her character. On this episode, JJ was forced by her team leader agent Hutchner to be the hostage negotiator for this case to which she did very well yet gave her somethings to think about.

Sela Ward's first episode on CSI New York a Success

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For those of you who are wondering who's the new beautiful CSI on CSI:NY and where did Stella Bonasera go? on the season premiere of CSI:New York, both questions was answered as the episode started where last season ended - to very quick resolution in my opinion - as Shane Casey's days of hounding the Messners ended in very nice fashion courtesy of Lindsay Monroe-Messner (won't go on details on this for those who weren't able to see the episode yet).

CSI: Crime Scene Investigation - Season 11 - Episode 1

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Justin Bieber has officially started his acting career as a possible "bad guy" as CSI: Crime Scene Investigation's season premiere started with a bang (pun intended). As with the previous season, CSI has a knack for having a very long series arcs (similar to last season's Dr. Jeklyl murders) and this one won't be different except for a new the new CSI added in the cast in the person of bomb expert Kacey Monahan (played by Sienna Guillory) which so far was impressive and has practically eased the loss of Liz Vassey on the show. Still, I would hope that she will last unlike the previous "babe" CSI on the show ( Lauren Lee Smith and Sofia Curtis).