Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Wendy Simms will not be back in CSI

Another sad news on the CSI:Crime Scene Investigation front as the producers of the show will drop Liz Vassey who plays DNA lab technician (and fellow lab rat Hodges' love interest) Wendy Simms for the upcoming 11th season of CSI.  It's unfortunate that she was not given a chance to become one of the main cast as many fans were expecting her to become a CSI similar to Greg Sanders.

Melina Kanakaredes Out, Sela Ward In

Just recently read the news that Melina Kanakaredes will not be back to play Stella Bonasera on CSI:NY and with that Sela Ward will be her replacement. I would hope that Sela's character can pick where Stella Bonasera left off.

On a personal note, Sela Ward is prettier than Melina Kanakaredes which makes the song more interesting with at least three beautiful women (Sela Ward, Madchem Amick and Claire Forlani) surrounding Mac Taylor